Solar panels on a beach with child running over them

What should be powering our planet?

That's a No Brainer
Solar Energy

According to this Time Magazine article, one data center can use enough electricity to power 180,000 homes.

Do you know what is powering your Website?

FPV Racing Web Hosting

GreenHostCo has been sponsoring local FPV races and would like to offer discounted hosting to any Drone Racers who want to create a website for themselves. Buy your FPV pilot name/MultiGP handle as a domain name and start your online presence now! Contact Sales to get more details about the offer before you buy.

"I raced nearly the entire 2018 season using solar power alone. My drone racing hobby is 100% solar powered. Yours should be too."

MultiGP Drone Race

Sustaining Mother Earth One Site at a Time!

Is your website powered by 100% Sustainable Energy?

Most likely not…

GreenHostCo's web servers are powered by 100% sustainable energy in the form of Solar Energy and Hydroelectric Power.

Learn all about our web servers on our Green Hosting page. When you are ready to host Green, check out all of our hosting packages here. Just need to register a domain, we got you covered!

Check with your hosting provider to find out exactly what your Green Energy source is. It is probably Renewable Energy Credits, or perhaps they simply offset the carbon footprint of their servers by donating to green causes. These are all great things. But if you want to be truly Green, we offer a better option.

Choose 100% Sustainable Energy

Choose GreenHostCo!

Get Started Now!

Earth Facts

  • The majority of Green web hosts use energy credits and are not directly powered by sustainable energy
  • The digital economy uses a tenth of the world's electricity - Source
  • One data center can use enough electricity to power 180,000 homes - Source
  • IT-related services now account for 2% of all global carbon emissions - Source
  • Annual Spam emails generate CO2 emissions equivalent to 1.6 million cars driving around the globe - Source
  • If you care about the planet, please take a moment to review the infographic Carbon Footprint of the Internet.

Popular Green Hosting Packages

Here are a few of our most popular packages. Compare all the packages here if you need more or less disk space.

Our packages are based on disk space. We never limit you on resources. Enjoy unlimited add on domains, subdomains, sql databases and email accounts!


Hosting Package Aspen

This starter package is ideal for a single website or blog. If you have never had a website before, this a great place to start.

Disk Space: 1GB | Bandwidth: Unlimited | Compare

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 $12 Monthly

Hosting Package Spruce

Doubling your storage this package is a great upgrade for when you expand your site and need more disk space.

Disk Space: 2GB | Bandwidth: Unlimited | Compare

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 $16 Monthly

Hosting Package Maple

Add another Gig of disk space. If you want to host multiple sites and need lots of space for pictures, this is for you.

Disk Space: 3GB | Bandwidth: Unlimited | Compare

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The Hosting Highlights

  • Unlimited Gigabit Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Resources (Domains, Email Accounts, etc)
  • Super Efficient Web Servers
  • SSD Storage - This means wicked fast!
  • ClamAV Virus Protection and Scanning
  • RAID-10 Protected
  • Cpanel
  • FTP and FTP Manager
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Why host with GreenHostCo

  • We're Green
    • Our servers are powered by 100% sustainable energy with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • All of our business transactions are paperless
    • We encourage conservation, and Green hosting solutions
  • We're Local
    • A small business located in Colorado
    • Profits reinvested locally, to support other local businesses
  • Availability and Personal Attention
    • Our support responses are prompt
    • We will give you the personal service you deserve
    • Long term customer relationships are our goal

Where to Start?

How about registering a domain? Our domains are only $12 a year!

Your next step is to decide on hosting. Since you can upgrade at any time why not just get your foot in the door with our Aspen Package at only $8 a month.

GreenHostCo is a Hyperspatial Design Ltd endeavor. We are constantly searching for greener and smarter web hosting options. GreenHostCo offers Green hosting at affordable prices and our customer service is second to none.

Don't be fooled by Unlimited Hosting Plans

There is no such thing as true unlimited hosting. You really need to look closely at the terms of service. Unlimited accounts are subject to a backup limit. Once you get to a certain number of files, or reach a disk space limit your backups stop. This is typical of unlimited hosting plans.

At GreenHostCo, we are taking the honest approach. We offer Green hosting with no hidden limitations. The disk space and bandwidth limits are clearly stated for each green hosting package.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your hosting services you can Contact Support for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.