Eric Neilsen

With technology being such a big part of business, not to mention everyday life, having someone that you can trust to keep all the details in working order is very important. I just wanted to give a big shout out to Adam Nowak at Hyperspatial Design LTD for keeping up and running and setting things up so I can manage some of the details my self. You can read more about his services at

Water Tips

Water covers a large majority of the Earth's surface, but it is salty. Down the road we may have a cost effective conversion process, but for now we all need to conserve our fresh water supply.

Phonex Arizona is a great example of the fact that underground water supplies in the form of aquifers simply are not being replenished at a rate which is sustainable.

  • Get a low flow shower head
  • Limit your shower time as best you can
  • Use a toilet that has a low per flush volume, or add a brick to the tank to reduce the per flush use
  • Keep a container of soapy water on hand for the days dishes (This one might seem gross, but a non issue if you have good anti-bacterial soap)

Optimize Images

One of the most overlooked items in web site maintenance is image optimization. It is just to easy to simply upload images right from your phone/camera to your website. This is a mistake.

Raw images from modern digital cameras can range from 3mb to 8mb in size. If you are uploading right to WordPress or your website, you are going to not only slow down your page loads, you are going to use up your disk space.

If you have an unlimited hosting account you might be saying, "So What". Well, there is no such thing as unlimited hosting. All hosting companies cut off your backups at a certain number of files, or at a certain storage amount. Why waste your valuable disk space. Just optimize!

I typically shoot for an optimized .jpg of about 100kb. Yes I said 100kb. Compared to a 5mb digital pic, that's about 50 times smaller. So if you optimize you can store 50+ times as many images on your site.

So how do I optimize?

If you don't have image editing software, there are a few online tools that will do the job. Fun Photo Box works great and is a free online tool. Another useful tool is an Adobe Air product called Shrink-O-Matic. Shrink-O-Matic is fabulous, it is a drag and drop batch optimizer.

This is my standard procedure:

  1. Figure out the maximum width of your website. If your site maxes out at 1140px wide, then you only need to have an image that is 1140px in width
  2. Once you know your target width resize your image to match.
  3. Sometimes re-sizing the physical size of your image may be enough to hit your 100kb target. If it is not, simply save the .jpg with less quality. .jpg is a "Lossy" format. This means every time you save it at 80% quality, the file size shrinks. Just experiment with saving your .jpg's, each one is different, so focus on the target file size. The name of the game is to get as close to 100kb as possible without pixelating your image.

GreenHostCo Migration

GreenHostCo is all about being Green. As part of our evolution toward even more sustainable services we are migrating our servers to an even more sustainable energy source.

The energy source being left behind is Renewable Energy Credits, which was in the form of purchased wind energy. The new web servers will be powered by onsite solar panels supplemented with hydro-electric power. I believe this to be a greener alternative than the former.

New Features:

  • SSD Storage - Solid State Drives = Much faster load times
  • Gigabit Bandwidth
  • Virus/Malware Scanning & Protection
  • Super Efficient Servers
  • Powered by 100% Sustainable Energy

Client Logins:

During the process of migration each client will be contacted to inform them of the move. All products, services and domains will be migrated to the new servers. No downtime will be experienced. Changes on the client end may include DNS changes such as a nameservers or A record.

The client dashboard moving forward will be at


If you are unable to log in at the site it is because you have not been migrated yet. You can login at the old, .com client dashboard here:

Heather Bulk

I wanted to thank you for the rapid response and professional support you gave to us. Your team was very helpful and had a nice impact on our project.

Thank you!

Heather Bulk
President & CEO
Special Aerospace Services

Dan Locke

Adam Nowak delivers excellent support with his scripts and tools. I had a difficulty with implementation. I wrote him and he immediately wrote back. He quickly observed that I am fairly untrained as he gave me instructions. They were always very clear and concise. He stayed with me all the way until it was resolved.


Adam at HyperSpatial knows how to get the job done, and get it done right.  I've used several designers and developers in the past but stopped shopping around once I started working with HyperSpatial.  What's particularly great about these guys is their attention to detail.  When I come to them with a new and unusual request, they take the time to research the best method rather than applying a quick fix like other agencies.  They aim for a long term solution.  They are truly the best in my book.  I highly recommend them.

Denver, CO

Is your Web Server slow

srvrIs your server slow, I mean really slow. Tortoise slow?

In my opinion, the number one reason people bounce from your website is load time. If it takes more than a couple seconds for your page to load, they might just close the page. GreenHostCo's servers are fast as well as green. 100% wind powered as well.

If you want to get started or have gruelingly slow hosting, like GoDaddy's you should try us out. You get personal attention and 100% satisfaction with GreenHostCo.

If you want to buy your name and set up a web site, contact us.