Site Live

Its been a long time coming. GreenHostCo went live last week.

If you want to buy a domain, setup web hosting or just find someone to get you started in the web hosting world, this is the place.

Special thanks to all those who helped me get this far.

Jordan Way

After years of hosting domains through other providers, I decided to make the switch to GreenHostCo. Thank you for making this transition so painless and stress free. The entire process, from registration to propagation, was incredibly seamless; and your staff is very attentive, reassuring, and knowledgeable. I will never switch hosting companies again!

–J. Way, Marketing Professional

Mark P


I could not be more pleased with how quickly you have made the requested changes to my site! Nice work to say the least!

Let me know your thoughts or again feel free to be creative…I really like the caption you used with the distressed man…that was perfect.

I will send you a very quick/brief section related to Embezzlement/Corruption service here shortly. If we can add this to the list of services that would be great…that should be it for a while.

Awesome job man!


Greg G

DON'T CHANGE A THING, I will have to come to Colorado and go nuts on someone. This drawing and how it works is FANTASTIC !!! I can't stand it, You guy's are the best! Where it says below the pitch options, like 4/12, 5/12 and so on can we make it have a fill in the blank like _____/ 12 Pitch Roof. There are a ton of pitch variations and this will allow any pitch to be entered. ( 2 ) Do you know when the Spanish version is going to appear ? This is a side note: I now have both engineers and architects going to my site for technical support, Not only are they using my site for drawings and installation information, They are actually recommending me to there customers. When we started this project last winter, I never thought it would be this good, If your team keeps tweaking and improving the site, I will have the best site in the ventilation industry. I am going to stick with the $250.00 a week for a while untill we get better at doing the quotes and then my next step will be to go to $500.00 a week. I am willing to move forward with this as long as I am seeing the sales grow. Thank everyone for me, This is a Great site.

Roger Koberstein


You are doing a great job with the blogs, it is greatly appreciated. Demand has been incredible as we are processing weekly now. The website has been my only form of advertising so you guys are doing a great job!!! Are you a beef eater? If so do have a freezer? Please let me know. Thank you for all your help and blog’s.

Roger Koberstein


There is not enough thanks that we can give you for the amazing work you have done for us. We wouldn’t be where we are so early without your absolutely amazing team.Adam: I will still make an effort to stalk you through live person whenever you’re doing maintenance.

Angel and Mike Whisenant

Art S

I'd just like to say thanks for making this website. There are a lot of WordPress developer websites out there that have a lot of code snippets but yours actually gets to the point with the functions people NEED! You've made my life a lot easier!! Thanks!


Great news! And, thank you for the quick reply. Awesome customer service!



Hi Adam! I hunted all over for the creator of EZ Overlay WordPress plugin, and I think it's you.

If so, please allow me to congratulate you on a beautiful plugin, graceful implementation, and user-friendliness, and a shining, shining example of code.

You rock sir. You rock.

Have a great day, and I know even more success is about to flow into your life.


Hey No problem thanks for this awesome plugin! Out of all my anti-spam plugins yours was the only one I was able to use to stop spammers! It is a powerful yet simple plugin! One thing that would be cool to add is if you could add the ability to add multiple questions!

Thanks again for the plugin,