GreenHostCo rents space on webservers managed by TurnkeyInternet in New York's Tech Valley region.

They own and operate their own datacenter which employs a variety of technologies to insure a green-friendly approach to all of their web and cloud-hosting services.

Solar Panels
Niagra Falls Power

Redundant High Speed Network Connections

The highest quality Internet connectivity and performance. We have selected premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections across the globe. Our components provide the reliability and redundancy that is the foundation behind our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Security On-Site

The datacenter was a former U.S. Government building. It has 1-foot thick concrete along the perimeter, plus additional re-inforced walls and security enhancements. We have installed advanced security systems, and infrared based surveilance monitoring cameras. Employees all undergo background screening, and clients are not permitted within the facility except with photo ID and escorted by trained security personnel at all times.

Solar Power

Our advanced on-site roof-top solar array provides clean, pollution-free power. Every square inch of our roof is covered with solar panels, creating a massive clean energy-producing power plant. Our on-site solar power generation is one of the unique green aspects that makes us stand out from all other datacenters.

Clean, Redundant Power

Clean, renewable power is transmitted straight from New York's Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric system which is used to supplement our solar energy production. The datacenter has an on-site diesel backup generator.