GreenHostCo was founded in 2009 when I became interested in using sustainable energy to power my personal websites. There didn't seem to be a lot of options in the web hosting world, so I decided to become an evangelist and create GreenHostCo.

GreenHostCo is a local organization situated near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Fort Collins Colorado. Fort Collins is very forward thinking, and in my opinion is leading the race to promote sustainable energy. The FortZED and Lose-A-Watt programs are run by the City of Fort Collins, and hosted on our web servers.

In addition to hosting green servers, the entire GreenHostCo organization is paperless. We follow the greenest of standards and invest profits locally in the interest of supporting local businesses.

Personal Attention!

GreenHostCo is a small local business with a select group of clients. Everyone gets direct personal attention, and promptly. We never oversell or underpromise. I can personally guarantee you the personal attention you deserve. You won't get that from the big boys like Network Solutions or GoDaddy.