GreenHostCo Migration

GreenHostCo is all about being Green. As part of our evolution toward even more sustainable services we are migrating our servers to an even more sustainable energy source.

The energy source being left behind is Renewable Energy Credits, which was in the form of purchased wind energy. The new web servers will be powered by onsite solar panels supplemented with hydro-electric power. I believe this to be a greener alternative than the former.

New Features:

  • SSD Storage - Solid State Drives = Much faster load times
  • Gigabit Bandwidth
  • Virus/Malware Scanning & Protection
  • Super Efficient Servers
  • Powered by 100% Sustainable Energy

Client Logins:

During the process of migration each client will be contacted to inform them of the move. All products, services and domains will be migrated to the new servers. No downtime will be experienced. Changes on the client end may include DNS changes such as a nameservers or A record.

The client dashboard moving forward will be at


If you are unable to log in at the site it is because you have not been migrated yet. You can login at the old, .com client dashboard here:


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