Is your Web Server slow

srvrIs your server slow, I mean really slow. Tortoise slow?

In my opinion, the number one reason people bounce from your website is load time. If it takes more than a couple seconds for your page to load, they might just close the page. GreenHostCo's servers are fast as well as green. 100% wind powered as well.

If you want to get started or have gruelingly slow hosting, like GoDaddy's you should try us out. You get personal attention and 100% satisfaction with GreenHostCo.

If you want to buy your name and set up a web site, contact us.

Site Live

Its been a long time coming. GreenHostCo went live last week.

If you want to buy a domain, setup web hosting or just find someone to get you started in the web hosting world, this is the place.

Special thanks to all those who helped me get this far.